R.I.P, Huck

Six years ago, on a night made quiet and dark by an ice storm, my father sailed away.

Happy Rocco Gotcha Day

Two years ago, we picked up Rocco from his foster family in Manchester NH. He was and is a quiet guy, with good instincts and good training. His quiet manner makes his silliness and excitement all the more delightful.

One morning a week, Rocco and I help to get Cassie onto her school bus.
A couple of times a week, he accompanies Sandra on visits to her mother at the nursing home. He’s a comforting presence amid people who appreciate comforting.

Blog tinkering

It’s windy and cold outside, so it’s a good day for tending to long overdue housekeeping chores on this blog. I’ve turned off email updates to help avert a flood of new posts and bizarre errors that we’ve seen in previous    tinkering sessions.

For some email subscribers, blog posts may be arriving through a new service, FeedBlitz. You’ll have the usual options to adjust how frequently you receive the mailings and to unsubscribe if you so desire.
For those of you who care about such things, I’ve resumed with Blogger. I’ll discuss the reasons for the change in a future post.