Mr. Hakkarainen goes to Helsinki

If you refer to blacks as niggers but don’t call yourself a racist, then you’re not a racist. So said Timo Soini, leader of the True Finns party in a BBC Hard Talk interview. (The video clip does not play on mobile devices. When I find an audio link, I will update this post.)
Soini was defending his party leadership when the interviewer asked about Tuevo Hakkarainen, who had used neekeri-sanan in a speech in Parliament. “Don’t use that kind of language,” said Soini.
He went on to say that it isn’t OK to use that kind of language, even if you’re not a racist. “You should be improving in your behavior.”

This post is one of a series about Teuvo Hakkarainen, the True Finns Party MP from Viitasaari. For the record, my grandfather was born in Viitasaari.