Silicon places

In the early days of the Intertubes, many locations tried to become the next Silicon Valley, if only in name.
We saw Silicon Alley, Silicon Gulch, and a bunch more that are just out of reach of memory.
With this GlobalPost article, Far from San Francisco and New York, Silicon Prairie emerges, marketers are trying to turn corn into silicon.

This Google Trends chart shows the bursts of interest in a few Silicon names.

The best overall list that I found is in good old Wikipedia with its List of places with “Silicon” names. It was there that I learned that Silicon Sandbar (Cape Cod) washed away in 2008.

Bootnote: I’ve tried various search engines to find a way to search for “Silicon *” as a place name. It was only as I loaded up a search with all of the names that I could recall that I found the Wikipedia page.