Best uses for old tech

You might not think that disk drives are obsolete. Increasingly, though, solid-state drives are replacing the types with spinning disks. The solid-state devices (SSDs) are faster, lighter, and consume less energy. SSDs are more expensive, but the other features outweigh the cost for sleek laptops.
In addition, you might have upgraded a desktop system, replacing an old drive with a higher-capacity one.
So, you’ve got an old disk drive sitting around. What can you do with it?
Make cotton candy, of course.

Turning an Old Hard Disk Into a Candy Floss Machine

John C. Wharton, a candy maker, and William J. Morrison, a dentist, received a patent in 1899 for “certain new and useful improvements in candy machines.” (US Patent # 618,428). This bit of hackery builds on that patent with modern tech and spare parts.
via LifeHacker

One of an occasional series of best uses and reuses for old computer gear and related stuff.