How to get a window seat on the bus

I’ll be seeing some friends from high school this week. As we swap stories, sometimes we forget if events happened to us or someone else. It’s a bit like the bats in the Pogo comic strip,¬†Bewitched, Bothered and Bemildred, who often forgot who was whom.

Anyway, …

Our junior high science teacher wanted us to study nature. For our spring project, we were to collect 25 different types of bugs. A couple of boys asked if we could go fishing, instead. She agreed. One fish would equal five bugs.

I caught a couple of fish, probably a kivver and a perch, because those were the most easily caught at the camp. Matched up with the 15 bugs, I turned in my specimens and left them in the science project room.

We hadn’t thought this all the way through.. Within a day, the science project room equaled the gym locker room for odor and on the second day it won.

I tried throwing away the shoe box containing my project, but the janitor made me take it out of the trash bin and bring it home.

It was a 45-minute ride on the school bus. I had no trouble getting a seat for myself by a window.