Putting things in more or less order

A good vacation doesn’t fit in a box, tied up with ribbon, that you can open years from now to say, “Yes, that’s what it was.”
A good vacation has time enough to look over the handiwork of spiders who’ve woven their webs in the overnight and now those webs glisten in the morning dew.

A good vacation has unplanned visits, particularly with young ones who bring their own views of us and what’s important.

A good vacation marks transitions, from young to not-young, from before-adventure to after-adventure.

A good vacation lets us learn about the big world in our small corner.

Fisher Museum – Harvard Forest

A good vacation lets you sleep as much as you need to, work until it’s time to swim, swim until your toes are pruney, air-dry on the bench until the mosquitoes have had their fill, and talk for a long time because there’s always this one more thing to say.
A good vacation spills out of the box, onto the floor, and leaves tracks all around your house and yard and life.
It was a good vacation.