Plans for the weekend? The weather says, “Ha!”

What’s been weirdest among the many weird aspects of this weekend’s weather has been nearly two days of precipitation with a strong northwest wind. In typical patterns, systems move up the east coast, dragging a cold front behind them. The cold front shifts the wind to the northwest and brings in colder and drier air. […]

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Fading snow

With temps climbing into the 60s today, I decided to tempt fate and move the snow blower from the front yard to its summer place by the sheds. The last chunk of snow, well, really, ice, is almost gone from our deck. The corner of our yard, sheltered from the sun, is still snow-covered. At […]

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Feeding birds by way of ice

A few weeks ago,we had small amount of snow and ice. We also did not have any sand or ice melt. Son Mike and his crew were making repairs on our house. Mike used bird seed to give some traction. It worked pretty well.Last Monday, we had more ice, so I tossed more bird seed […]

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