I found my own workarounds

With its Inbox app, Google is making a big push to help/make us rethink how we handle our email. For me, anyway, it’s not working. Having used GMail for more than 10 years and with more than 100K messages in my archive, I’ve developed a set of filters and habits that work well (enough) and […]

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Ten years of Gmail

I don’t remember my first email message. It was some time during the early 1980s when I was working at DEC. For most of that decade, email was all internal, sent from one DEC-owned computer along DEC networks to another DEC-owned computer.As the 80s closed, there were a bunch of email protocols and messaging schemes. […]

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Google Drive nixed

It took Google a long time to release its Google Drive product. People had come up with work-arounds involving storing files as attachments to Gmail messages. When it was finally released earlier this year, it was almost too late. Products such as Dropbox, Box, and Microsoft’s SkyDrive (variously named Live and other monickers) had filled the […]

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