Thoughts on a home office

One in an occasional series about working from home.

As a part of our move, we acquired an additional 9×12 storage area that we’re converting into a home office. It’s a windowless room that used to be the janitor’s closet. We’ll put in some carpeting this week and add decorative items on the walls to make the place feel brighter and bigger.
I have a couple of ideas on how to get this space connected to our home network upstairs. (WiFi won’t penetrate the walls, but powerline IP may work. Plan B would require a separate cable drop. I need to talk with some network people to see if there are security risks in either scheme.
So, in a few weeks, we should have a nice workspace.

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Standing desks are all the rage these days. They’re supposed to help you lose weight and add years to your life. I wonder if this would be an even better solution:

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