Hakkarainens in 2023

Our 2019 letter signed off with this:

Little did we know what was coming at us for 2020.

Four years later, we’re older. It’s too soon to tell if we’re wiser.

January took us to the studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama in preparation for a course that Karl would teach on studio musicians.

On our way back, we were 20 minutes behind a tornado that overturned a truck and wrecked buildings. That afternoon, a bigger storm hit Selma on its 100-mile deadly path.

The rest of the year was quieter. Our long-time friends, the Credes, visited in May. Sandra’s cousin, Phyllis, joined us at the lake in July, joining in our annual summer gathering.

As you can tell, the tribe continues to expand. Jade Adora, daughter of grandson Michael and his wife, Quillah, was born in September. That’s seven grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. The great-grand team will gain one more; grandson Joe and his wife, Molly, are expecting their third child in June.

Sandra continues to volunteer with Wachusett Earthday, a reuse and recycling center that serves seven towns north of Worcester. Karl finished teaching a course on the Luddites for our senior education program and will take a break from all that in the new year.

Leading to the hopeful uncertainty that awaits us in 2024. We’ve accepted an offer to sell our condo and will move someplace sometime next year. Where and when we know not.

These are scary times. We have war and rumors of war overseas and at home. A neighbor’s front yard features an inflatable Santa Claus arresting Biden and Obama.

Sending wishes and courage in the new year.

Karl and Sandra