Monthly Archives: April 2015

I found my own workarounds

With its Inbox app, Google is making a big push to help/make us rethink how we handle our email. For me, anyway, it’s not working. Having used GMail for more than 10 years and with more than 100K messages in my archive, I’ve developed a set of filters and habits that work well (enough) and […]

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Creating memorable passwords

Just about every website requires a username and password if you want to do anything useful. Shopping online, using a web-based email service, participating in social networking: all require a username, such as your email address, and password. There are too many to remember without writing them down, so we use the same password on […]

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When help isn’t

A couple of products promise help and deliver but little. AARP has touted its new RealPad, a low-cost Android tablet that promises 24/7 Real Help. They have phone service, videos, and an email support line. Sounds good. A lot of people ask my opinion about various gadgets, so I thought I’d buy one to test […]

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